KingCrab Is At It Again



May 4, 2015
DALLAS, Texas – Crab5 Foundation officially launches its website today and begins an era filled with the Spirit of Hope.

The foundation, started a couple years ago by the Oakland Raiders new wide receiver, Michael Crabtree, announces the official launch of their website. Crab5 Foundation has been organizing events to give back to the inner-city community for the last two years, but in typical Crabtree fashion, he’s decided to take it to the next level. In a day where funding to provide cultural activities, arts, music, and sports continues to dwindle, Crabtree wants to bring hope. The foundation’s mission is to provide these opportunities to inner-city youth to inspire hope and put dreams back into their hearts, because that’s where change happens… at the community level.

Rodney Baker, Executive Director of Crab5 Foundation and Michael’s childhood friend said, “To see the difference, you have to be the difference. It’s my favorite quote. I’m so grateful and honored to serve in this capacity as Michael could have picked anyone, but he chose me. I always tell kids – ‘Never be afraid to go into the unknown and never stay in your comfort zone.’”

Now the foundation is preparing for their Spirit of Hope Gala scheduled for early summer to raise money for Michael Crabtree’s 3rd Annual Youth Mini Camp, where Michael, Camp Coach, Terry Drake, Camp Trainer, Bennie Wylie and other NFL players spend the day teaching and inspiring the attendees.

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